General Updates

This isn’t really going to be an official blog post, just a sort of update on what’s going on in my world.

First, I want thank the super awesome editing team at Hack Library School Blog! Everyone there is so helpful and are all innovators in their own right. Recently, they have added me on board as a co-editor so look for some posts by me over there.

Secondly, I will be attending my very first ALA annual conference this summer in New Orleans. I look forward to meeting other students and professionals in the field. I just got the OK for a travel grant through my school and I highly recommend everyone apply for any travel grants or scholarships they can. What a great opportunity this is!

Third, it makes me very happy to see that Measure L in Los Angeles, California passed! This means the city can allot more of its budget to public libraries which have suffered from previous cuts. I’ve been hearing some not very good things happening in California, my former state. The Governor was cutting all state funding to public libraries, which is very terrible. In times of need, people tend to rely on public services the most, and those programs are always at risk of having their funding cut first. Libraries are often on the chopping block so for once I’m glad to see that people voted in favor of funding public services. It probably helped that Measure L didn’t seek to raise taxes.

Life is busy as always but next week is my spring break! I am visiting a friend in Atlanta and will be stopping in with the Metadata and Cataloging Department at Emory to have a behind the scenes peek at what they do. Yep, even on my break I’m doing library stuff.


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