It’s Been Awhile

Blogging can be a lonely endeavor, you just type out all your thoughts into this huge void and there it just sits. However, I really enjoy putting my thoughts down somewhere because it helps me work out ideas and issues that I’m having. I had really tried to update my blog about once a week for awhile there, but I started taking a summer class and my poor blog has been neglected. I hope this will change soon.

My life lately has been a weird mix of feeling absolutely burnt out on library school, and yet still being very immersed in it. I’ve really tried to devote most of my time to my class, but I still have other library-related things to work on. For example, the ALA Convention  is next week! Holy cow! There were so many things I wanted to do to prepare myself. Some things, I had slowly worked on, like making cards, trying to update my Linked In, re-doing my resume, etc. but there wasn’t enough time to get it all where I wanted it to be. That is life!

If anyone is reading this and is going, I would like to meet you at some point. I’m a first timer, so I’m sure it will be an eye opening experience. Time for me to stop being afraid of strangers and welcome them into my life for a few days! I’ve gotten some really good advice from other bloggers on what to do at conferences, not to mention the awesome ALA HackLibSchool themed week. Check out conference advice from  The Library Adventure of Kiyomi and Archiving Desk to Desk for additional tips.

Hey, that reminds me, if you ARE going, please come to the HackLibSchool Meet Up (this is the facebook event page)! Hope to see some people there!


5 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. I relate to the feeling of being both burnt out and immersed in . . . things. Let’s just call them “things” for now.

    I won’t be there next week, seeing as I’d be more’n a little out of place, but I hope it’s a rush!

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