My First ALA

I am currently sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to my very first library conference! Thanks to many great conference veterans, I’ve gotten plenty of good tips to prepare myself. Yep, I brought comfortable shoes, snacks, and a reusable water bottle, plus all the chargers I need. However, there are some goals that I want to set for myself. I have a tendency to be very shy, and sometimes being quiet and shy comes off the wrong way. It can actually come off as aloof or mean. I don’t want people to get that impression of me at all!

Here are some of my goals:

  • Stop being afraid of strangers. This means going outside of my comfort zone and approaching people. I also have a bunch of cards that I want to get rid off.
  • Meet some internet friends! This is my first opportunity to meet my HLS co-editors and other cool people I have corresponded with on twitter. Yay!
  • Learn a few things. I just finished a metadata class and the session that I am really looking forward to is this Linked Data session.
  • Have fun! I tried to schedule things so that I would have a break in between stuff to take a breather. I don’t want to be too wiped out to enjoy myself.

I hope to also find some time to write updates about what happened. While I’m sitting here I keep hearing bits of people’s conversations and the keyword “library” keeps popping up. I think I’m in good company and looking forward to meeting awesome people.


One thought on “My First ALA

  1. I always have the same problem with being way too shy and giving off the wrong impression. If you conquer your shyness, think about possibly writing up some tips on how you did it. I always try to be more outgoing but at the last second I can’t do it.

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