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How about a pretty picture for a change?

I have not been able to keep up here on the blog lately, but things have been really crazy! These past two months have been full of change and opportunity. This is one of those boring, this is what’s happening with me types of posts. Hopefully, I’ll have more time to blog in the next few weeks. Okay, first I want to mention that I will be moving to Chicago at the beginning of next month. I will be working at the UIC Library as a resident librarian in their IDEA Commons. I am really excited to be joining their team. In my interview, one of the search committee members did a shout out to the ALA Think Tank. He mentioned that he knew I was a member, and that is the type of thinking they want to see happen there. Hurray for new ideas!

Last month, I also presented at my first webinar! It was a great pleasure to speak with Dr. Lanke and Tamara Capper. You can access the archived webinar here. I was really nervous about it, but it’s kind of like presenting at a conference without the people. In some ways, it makes it a lot easier. I was just talking into a phone and clicking on the computer. My general advice to anyone who in interested in presenting at a webinar: make notes, but don’t read off a paper. Actually, that advice works pretty much anytime you do any public speaking. I make notes to myself to mentally prepare and have something to refer to if I need, but I try not to just read my notes like a script. It sounds more dynamic that way in my opinion.

Last week, I submitted my first book review for publication. The Chronicle had a really interesting article call The Endangered Scholarly Book Review a few months ago. One of the major takeaway points was that writing book reviews is a good way for new grads and faculty to practice scholarly writing. Hopefully, the review will be published in Library Quarterly sometime in the future. I like keeping an eye out for calls for proposals. For a future post, I’d like to compile links to places for people to check for writing opportunities. If you are interested in academic librarianship, book reviews might be a good start to beef up your publications. I’m glad that I had to write book reviews and abstracts for a few of my classes in grad school. I found that really helped me prepare for this type of writing. I’m so used to writing for blogs, so writing a book review was a nice switch.

I also stepped away from HackLibSchool last month, and I’m having withdrawals, but I am happy that the blog is in good hands. Alright, I think that’s enough updates for now. Hopefully, I will have more time to write. It’s like exercise, the more you write, the better you are at it.


One thought on “Updates Updates Updates

  1. Congrats on the new job & the book review! When you’re compiling your list of places to watch for publication opportunities, definitely check out “a library writer’s blog”. I don’t remember how I stumbled across it a couple of months ago, but it’s been a great resource!

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