Making Buttons

Marketing the library is so important, especially at the beginning of the year when students are coming onto campus for the first time. I say it’s good to recruit the newbies and convert them into library regulars. The latest buzz on the ILI-L is about beginning of the year activities like library open houses, scavenger hunts, and more. Someone asked about catchy slogans for buttons which got me thinking about the types of fun library marketing materials we can create for ourselves. I’ve been toying with the idea of making buttons but wasn’t sure how to go about figuring out what to put on them. The list generated some great catch phrases like:

  • Do it in the library (use this one at your own discretion)
  • human search engine
  • the original Google

Today I went ahead and played around with my own designs. I’m known at work as the “Keep Calm and _______” person so I had to throw in a Keep Calm button. My student group has a button maker so I have yet to test out creating them but here are my Library Marketing Buttons. I made them in Publisher and they are for a 1 ¼” button. When I get a chance to actually test them out I will update with some pictures. Char Booth has some awesome templates and a post on how to incorporate button making in the library, which I hope to try out some day. This is why I need a button maker!

Funny Library Love Notes

Post-It Notes

Just a note can brighten your day!

Last February, my library had a great campaign called I ❤ the UL (university library). They had set up a poster board with a prompt that asked students and other patrons to write on post-it notes about what they loved about the UL and what changes they wanted to see. The latest project that I have been working on is cleaning up some of those post it notes. Some are totally hilarious and crack me up and some are genuinely very nice. I think this campaign did a good job of reaching out to the students and getting a good understanding of what they want and what they love about the library.

Here’s a sampling of what some people said they loved about the UL:

  • Single and ready to mingle (phone number)
  • Itchy eyes? Itchy eyes.
  • Library, I think you are sexy.
  • I ❤ the UL
  • Free Stuff!
  • Any type of book of course! Yay intellectual freedom. ←(probably a SLIS student)
  • It’s cozy in there and it looks like there are enough comps. I love couches? <3<3<3
  • I come to you when I have no one else.
  • It’s my part-time house (UL)
  • The library is awesome! More people should use it.
  • Library, I am continually impressed with your generous helping attitude. I do wish to continue our mutual relationship. -Student

I hope that they do this campaign again next year, because I am getting a kick out of reading all these notes. I also want to add that many people wrote that they LOVE BOOKS (the paper kind!). Old habits die hard.

What do you love about your library? Anyone else have a similar marketing campaign?